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Welcome to Say Hola Wealth Academy!  


Become a stock market investor and ditch the conditioning to always have to work mentally and physically hard for money!


Applications for the next round open to the waitlist on April 14th, 2023, at 8:00 AM.   

When you invest your first five figures, you break the generational chains that keep your family from having to work long hours.  You and your family are no longer the "help." You are the new investors.


When you invest, you become the catalyst for future generations to understand how money works and ditch the societal and cultural rules that say you must work until you no longer can.


  • You never heard of INVESTING and the power of compound growth. 
  • You have TRIED to learn about investing and wealth building on your own, but your money beliefs keep you from taking action.
  • You believe you NEED AN EMPLOYER to give you access to a retirement plan.
  • You believe that by "SAVING UP," your money is safe. 
  • You are a high-achieving Latina who believes you need to have all of the questions answered before taking ACTION but won't because your money trauma creeps in.   
  • Or you have a successful SIX-FIGURE BUSINESS, but you are still trading your time for money and don't understand how to leverage investments to reduce your taxes.
  • You believe investing and FINANCIAL FREEDOM is only for Rich Dudes. 



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I'm on a mission to help destigmatize the idea of wanting more money!  More money, more options for you and your family to BECOME FINANCIALLY FREE!



In the last four years, I have spent more time decolonizing my money mindset rather than budgeting, and this has served me well. Now, I have a six-figure investment portfolio. I no longer suffer from money avoidance, I embrace abundance, and have I learn that you can heal from money trauma.

After leaving a dream career that looked good on paper but couldn't pay me more than the average 3% increase, I put myself back into school and learned about investing and wealth building by accident.

I thought that my household was financially free when we paid $220K in student loan debt in 36 months! I was wrong; that was just the beginning.

On a Tuesday morning, I went to seek financial advice because that's what the "book" in my finance class suggested. To my surprised, I was denied access to financial advice not once but twice because I didn't have $100K to start investing.  

One of the financial planners also told me they don't seek people like us as investors.  That's when I knew there was something wrong with the system.  This is why you and I  never learned how money works in school, Mujer! We don't talk about dinero at home, so how should we know how to manage and grow it?

Then when the pandemic hit in 2020, I saw how many Latinas were losing their jobs due to a global pandemic and didn't have a $500.00 emergency fund; my heart was crushed! My coaching business and the Say Hola Wealth Community were created to serve and create content that resonates with Latinas' first-time investors.

I want to help you stop the conditioning of always working hard for money and teach you the lazy way to grow your money!


  • BECOME  a first gen investor and reclaim your peace of mind and your time to do the things you love.


  • LEARN how investing from a Mujer that looks like you AND is on track to make work optional by 45.


  • Are in a room full of Mujeres ready to create GENERATIONAL CHANGE.


  • Learn to AUTOMATE YOUR INVESTMENTS and allow your money to work for you.


  • Stop focusing on the 2% cash back and learn how your money CAN GROW to at least a 7% return.


  • Have your money make you money while you plan your EXIT STRATEGY  from your 9-5 and into entrepreneurship.


  • Have your money MAKING YOUR MONEY while you serve your clients AND have the money to help your loved ones when they need and YOU DON'T FEEL like you are bad with money because your bank accounts are depleting. 


  • LEARN how to create a legacy and raise second-generation MILLIONAIRES THE LAZY WAY!


  • DECOLONIZE YOUR MONEY, invest your first five figures in 90 days, and go from surviving to thriving. 


  • Have your money MAKING YOUR MONEY while you serve your clients AND have the money to help your loved ones when they need and YOU DON'T FEEL like you are bad with money because your bank accounts are depleting. 


  • Have THE TOOLS to have money conversations with your partner without the drama and the trauma.



Don't take my word for It. 

See what past clients are saying about investing in themselves: 

What's included in the program?

I want to join the waitlist, Luzy!

Take Aligned Action! Break The Generational Cycles!

 What's the Investment? 

Get results in 90 days! 

The life you want is on the other side of fear, mujer!   Investing in yourself gives you so much clarity on how money works.  You get to address the money blockers that stand between you and the legacy you are meant to create.  Latinas have been conditioned to survive, and investing in ourselves hasn't been modeled at home, but this stops with you, mujer!

Investing in yourself is the ultimate sign of courage to break the generation cycles.  

This investment will save you time and hours of research and give you the tools to reduce your taxable income and stop being afraid of taxes.  But, most importantly, it gives you the confidence to understand investing allow your money to work for you and take control of your future and legacy!



I am ready to break cycles!